City Patrolman Suspended

Cleveland, OH - The leader of the city's police union has been suspended for 20 days, which he called excessive and said was meant to get him to tone down his rhetoric as union chief.

"Obviously, that's not going to work," said Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association.

A message seeking comment was left on Monday for police spokesman Lt. Thomas Stacho.

Loomis said he was suspended for five days after he was accused of roughing up Art McKoy, founder of Black on Black Crime and a critic of what McKoy says is excessive use of force by police, at a vigil for slain detective A.J. Schroder on Sept. 2.

The other 15 days resulted from a confrontation with a police Lt. Deborah Washington while she was moonlighting at Cleveland Browns Stadium on Nov. 19. Washington threw Loomis and his friends out of the stadium after a fan complained that one of Loomis' friends threatened him. Loomis argued that there was no threat.

Loomis acknowledged being disrespectful to Washington and plans to apologize. He said he deserves to be punished, but 15 days is excessive.

Loomis denied shoving McKoy and said he had no business at the vigil. He said he would file a grievance over the five-day suspension.

McKoy said he would have settled for an apology. "I never wanted it to go this far," McKoy said.

Loomis said the suspension will cost him $3,000.

-Associated Press