More Fallout Likely From Sunday's Game

CLEVELAND (AP) - More fallout is likely in the wake of the rowdy end to the Cleveland Browns game against Jacksonville on Sunday.

The game erupted into a bottle-throwing near-riot. It began over an overturned call that denied the Browns a chance to go for the winning touchdown in the final minute.

Fan Daniel Mark Collins of Toledo was one of those hit by thrown bottles. He says that it came from the upper deck and got him in the forehead.

Browns coach Butch Davis reportedly injured his knee trying to avoid a flying beer bottle, and was limping after the game. One Browns assistant said that the 4-year-old of another assistant was hit in the head with a cup.

The Browns say that they might have figures on Monday on the number of those treated for injuries at the stadium and the number arrested.

Browns president Carmen Policy says that he won't criticize fans for their behavior. Policy has scheduled a Monday afternoon news conference to further discuss the incident.

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