Local Cleanup Site To Get 2 More Monitoring Wells

UNIONTOWN, Ohio (AP) - Two new monitoring wells will be installed in January to check levels of benzene at a closed landfill that was declared a federal Superfund cleanup site in 1984.

The wells will be used to supplement, and perhaps replace, two wells at the 30-acre toxic-waste dump, the closed Industrial Excess Landfill in Stark County between Akron and Canton.

Repeated tests of groundwater have found benzene, a chemical suspected of causing cancer, in troublesome levels under the dump. There is no evidence that benzene has moved off site or poses a threat to neighbors, officials say.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency feels that benzene is "definitely a concern" at the landfill, said Ross del Rosario, the site manager for the EPA.

Concerned Citizens of Lake Township, a local organization, is concerned by the benzene levels but its officials are more troubled by reports of radiation at the dump. Federal officials insist radiation is not a problem there.

The landfill, where industrial wastes were dumped, ceased operations in 1980 and was covered with soil. The U.S. EPA declared it a Superfund site in 1984.

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