Key 2001-2002 Olympic Torch Relay Facts

  • About 11,500 torches were made for the cross-country trip. Each torchbearer has the option of buying their torch for $350.
  • Each torch is shaped like an icicle, weighs 3½ pounds, is 33 inches long, and is made of silver, copper and glass.
  • The Olympic flame started its two-month national tour in Atlanta on Dec. 4. It will pass through 46 states, moved along by 11,500 people who will cover more than 13,500 miles before the Feb. 8 opening ceremony in Salt Lake City.
  • The flame is scheduled to pass through Cincinnati on Dec. 17, Portsmouth on Dec. 18, Cleveland on Jan. 1, Akron and Columbus on Jan. 2, Springfield, Moraine, Oakwood and Dayton on Jan. 3.
  • The torch travels an average of 208 miles every 12 hours. Celebrations are held in cities along the way.
  • Torchbearers will carry the flame roughly 17 percent of the total distance. The flame also will be transported by car, plane, train, ship, dogsled, skiers, sleigh, snowmobile, ice skaters and prairie schooner.
  • The flame is kept in a lantern traveling with the relay -- a backup in case a torch goes out.
  • The Olympic flame also was carried across Ohio before the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.

Source: Salt Lake Olympic Committee

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