Brit to Fans: I'm "Far from Perfect"


Britney Spears is telling her fans that she knows she's been "far from perfect" recently, but she says she's "more mature" now and will be coming back "bigger and better."

Spears writes on her Web site that she's "sad" to hear that one of her biggest fan Web sites will be closing the end of this month. The webmaster has said it's partly because of the way she's been acting.

Spears writes that she understands what fans have had to go through, reading what's been written about her in the media. But she says the stories have presented a "skewed perception" of who she really is.

She writes that the last couple of years have been "very enlightening" for her. But now she says she's "free."

Spears says she's working on a new album that could be released "sometime later this year." She also plans to tour again.