Another Girl Kidnapped While Walking To School

CANTON, Ohio – For the second time in two weeks, a little girl in Canton has been kidnapped while walking to school, 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

The reason that police have really turned up the heat on the investigation is because they believe that the same person is responsible. They said that they fear if he's not caught, he'll keep on abducting children until someone is seriously hurt.

If parents at Hartford Middle School are watching their children a bit more closely, it's with good reason -- two attacks on two different 11-year-old girls in less than two weeks.

Parents like Daisy Hunter, who were already concerned, are now even more concerned.

"I hope they catch him," Hunter said. "I really do. It's really sad that kids can't go to school and feel safe."

On Dec. 5, a girl was abducted not far from the school -- grabbed and forced into a car trunk. She escaped eight miles later.

The latest attack was approximately a half-mile from the school.

Luckily, the girl who was attacked on Monday had noticed the man sitting in his car as she passed by on her way to the bus stop. She quickened her pace, so when he came up to her and grabbed her, she was ready for him.

"She swung her book bag around and hit him in the legs," Canton Police Capt. James Myers said. "It must have hit him pretty good because he went down, and she took off running."

Myers said that patrols have been increased around the school, but he encouraged all parents to talk to their children about strangers and to walk to school or to the bus stops in groups.

"We didn't think he'd strike this soon again, so that tells us that we have to step up our investigation to catch this fellow before a third girl gets hurt," Myers said.

Police will have a composite ready on Wednesday. In advance of that, they said that the man was driving a bluish car, possible a four-door Ford Tempo. He is described as approximately 30 years old, just shy of 6-feet tall, white with a mustache.

Police said that his intent was a sexual attack.