Editorial: Question of Leadership

Cleveland, OH - It's been one year since Frank Jackson became mayor of Cleveland and so it's fair to ask: "How's he doing?"

The reviews, from most observers, are mixed at best. And, from a growing number of critics is the complaint that the mayor doesn't seem to be doing much of anything at all. His office says the mayor is working quietly on a number of projects that will benefit the city in the years ahead including reducing city department budgets and re-organizing the police department.

Working quietly is certainly the apt description because Jackson is practically invisible when it comes to displaying leadership in a city seemingly without direction.  Even his own press page on the city hall web site lists nothing of significance in the last 12 months. In the poorest city in America, there may not be enough money to accomplish great tasks but there ought to be some passion, some vision, some dreams articulated by its leader - and we have yet to see that.