Editorial: Dignified Execution?

Cleveland, OH - The outrage expressed in this country and other western nations over the ghastly scene at the hanging of Saddam Hussein says volumes about our naivete and our ignorance of the situation in Iraq.

What did we expect from a culture mired in the middle ages, a dignified execution? They have been murdering themselves in the most barbaric ways imaginable since the tribes of Mohammed made the practice of beheading commonplace a thousand years ago. And now with no iron dictatorship to separate them, the Shia's and the Sunni's are free not just to taunt each other at the gallows, but to murder and pillage one another with gleeful abandon.

And finally, for those whose sensibilities have been offended by the scene of the hangman's noose, they need to be reminded of how much blood was spilled by the Butcher of Baghdad himself.

Too bad his demise won't end the killing.