Bank Robbery Suspect Turns Himself Into Police

CLEVELAND - A Cleveland bank robbery suspect turned himself in 24 hours after a shootout left his alleged partner in crime and a police officer injured, 19/43 News reported.

Police said that they now have Ricky Turner behind bars.

As 19/43 News reported on Tuesday, Turner's partner, Damion Sample, walked into the Key Bank on East 105th Street, told the officer to freeze and then started firing.

Officer Paul Viancourt, 23, of Hinkley, got his gun out and started shooting back.

"It was like bombs going off. That's what it sounded like," bank customer Otis Goodrun said. "They were exchanging gunfire pretty good."

Viancourt was shot in the face, but shot back, hitting Sample in the stomach and leg.

Viancourt is hospitalized, but in good condition. Sample, on the other hand, is in critical condition.