USDA to Investigate Clinic's Dog Sacrifice

Cleveland, OH - The federal government said Friday that it will send an inspector to the Cleveland Clinic to check into the killing of a dog that was used in a sales training session.

The review will be conducted by the US Department of Agriculture. The research hospital reported itself to the USDA, which regulates animal testing.

A neurosurgeon had induced a brain aneurysm in a dog to demonstrate a medical device Wednesday to a group of salespeople. The demonstration was done without hospital approval and in violation of its rules.

The Cleveland Clinic has released this statement:

"The Cleveland Clinic is committed to integrity in research and to the treatment of animals for research and medical education. It is our policy to carefully evaluate non-animal alternatives and the minimal use of animals. As an academic medical center, Cleveland Clinic does not allow procedures with animals for the sole purpose of sales training. The situation that occurred yesterday was unauthorized and not in compliance with our policy. Cleveland Clinic officials today notified the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) of the incident. Further, we are conducting an internal review of the matter. We will also be providing physician training and education to prevent this from happening in the future."

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