Police Need Help Finding Identity Thief

EUCLID, Ohio - Police need your help to learn the real name of a man who's an expert at hiding his identity, 19/43 News' Wendy Gillette exclusively reported.

The suspect first posed as a Dominion East Ohio worker to steal $8,000 from a 91-year-old Euclid resident, and then he stole the victim's identity.

"When they earmark these people for this kind of thing, it's horrendous," Euclid Police Lt. Terrence Zevnik said.

Police said that several months ago, the suspect picked his victim. He said that he worked for Dominion East Ohio and needed to do some work.

"The elderly male let this man in," Zevnik said. "He went down in the basement like he was going to work on the meter, and called for the elderly man to come down."

The suspect, however, didn't stay downstairs. He made his move -- stealing the victim's identification, credit cards and checks.

Police said that he used all of that to get a state identification card from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and now he's cashing the victim's checks all around town.

Police won't identify the 91-year-old victim because they want to protect him. His age and vulnerable state is what concerns detectives so much about the case.

"It seems like he targets those types of individuals," Zevnik said.

"If they ever have any doubt about whether or not it's a gas company employee, they should always ask for their ID," Dominion East Ohio spokesman Jeff Zidonis reported.

Zidonis said that a real Dominion employee would always wear a uniform, so you shouldn't open the door if he's not in uniform.

If you know the identity thief suspect, you are encouraged to call the Euclid Police Department at (216) 731-1234. Detectives are looking for any leads to help them solve the case, before the identity thief strikes again.