Justin Timberlake Brings Sexy Back To Hollywood

Cleveland, OH - Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back to Hollywood. Many lined up this weekend to check out Justin Timberlake in "Alpha Dog", a true story about the guys who took part in the Jesse James Hollywood murder case. Timberlake is taking on Hollywood after becoming a pop music icon, and a sensational fashion designer.

The film is manly about drug slingers, stoners, and wanna be gangsters, which was inspired by a Southern California murder back in 1999.

Timberlake, who was the lead singer of boy band NSYNC, and now a pop solo performing artist, says he has never had to work as hard as he had to for his role in Alpha Dog. Timberlake lifted weights and did cardio workouts five days a week, and on the sixth day, he would box. Justin also designed all the fake tattoos on his body in the flick.

Here is how this weekend's flicks fared in the box office.

1. "Stomp the Yard," $22 million.

2. "Night at the Museum," $17.1 million.

3. "The Pursuit of Happyness," $9.1 million.

4. "Dreamgirls," $8.1 million.

5. "Freedom Writers," $7.1 million.

6. "Children of Men," $6.4 million.

7. "Alpha Dog," $6.1 million.

8. "Primeval," $6 million.

9. "Arthur and the Invisibles," $4.3 million.

10. "The Good Shepherd," $3.9 million.