Prop Plane Pilot Gets Scare In Cleveland

CLEVELAND – A prop plane had a scary flight as he flew his aircraft into Burke Lakefront Airport on Thursday morning, 19/43 News reported.

When the pilot lowered the plane's landing gear, the equipment did not confirm that the wheels were down and locked.

Newshawk19 pilot Leo Baslie heard the emergency call on his radio.

"From the time he had the indication of a malfunction, he was talking to approach, and approach notified Burke Lakefront, and they scrambled the crash crew," Baslie said. "They met the airplane at the end of the runway, and the pilot was able to get the gear down and locked before he had to slide it onto the runway."

Emergency crews at the scene paced the airplane as it taxied down the runway just in case anything else went wrong.

The pilot was not injured in the incident, and no other passengers were on board.