Editorial: Containing Crime


Cleveland, OH - People who live and work in Cleveland worry constantly about crime but we ought to worry more about how the city and particularly its mayor view the crime problem and how to combat it.

Reporters stood dumbfounded last week when Mayor Frank Jackson, reacting to news that the city has just recorded its 7th homicide in the young year, issued this comment:  "The police," said the mayor, "can never solve crime. They will only contain it and move it."

The mayor went on to elaborate by saying that improving education and ending poverty is the only true way to eradicate crime.

Well, with all respect to the mayor's social idealism......his remark about police in Cleveland being able only to contain and move crime is a frightening expression of incompetence for a mayor of what is one of the most dangerous cities in the nation.  And, its not just words we need to worry about....the city is actively considering closing the 3rd district police station which covers downtown. And, which district had the most crime in the last few years? Well, the 3rd district, of course.