Editorial: Going Out of Business

Cleveland, OH - Aside from politicians and other public servants who like to spend taxpayers money, it's hard to find anyone who thinks the Euclid Corridor project is anything other than a big boondoggle.

But, whatever it is - or is meant to be - the construction project is causing real hurt to the few local businesses that have struggled to survive along the desolate stretch of the once grand avenue.

Construction has made it difficult for patrons to reach the sidewalks or access parking and the mostly small businesses in the way have suffered big sales declines....some have gone out of business.

The city finally got around to recognizing this calamity last month and agreed to provide low interest loans of up to $20,000 for businesses hurt by the project. But some businesses say their loan applications have disappeared inside the bureaucracy of city hall and no help has been forthcoming. The high speed bus lanes of the Euclid project are supposed to be finished in about two years. Question is - will there be any merchants left along Euclid to see it happen?