Animal Control Officers On Prowl For Dog

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio - For years, animal control officers in Parma Heights have tried and failed to catch a menacing stray, causing neighbors who want the dog caught to become nervous, 19/43 News' Lynna Lai reported.

Officer Rainer Bertulies has always caught even the most elusive animal, but there's one stubborn stray that has eluded his noose.

"It's like I have this mission in my life to find where this dog is going," Bertulies said.

People in Parma Heights have said that the Husky-Shepherd mix has a penchant for the ladies.

"That's probably because 90 percent of the people who went after this dog are men," animal control officer Pat Teresi said.

The dog is said to be very smart, so much so that it even recognizes Bertulies.

"He'll look over at me, and boom -- he's gone," Bertulies said. "He'll just constantly go fence after fence after fence."

The dog's been known to jump 5-foot fences in a single bound. For two years, the dog's eluded animal control officers, but what's been a running joke is now becoming serious business.

"You don't know what it's been with and if it snaps and grabs a little kid or something, oh boy," Bertulies said.

"The dog came out from between the houses with a rabbit between its mouth," Parma Heights resident Joe Dubovec remembered. "I'm just worried about my kids' safety."

So far, no one's been hurt, but officers said that the dog is getting meaner.

"If I catch him, I'm probably going to keep him in a cage for a couple of hours and just laugh at him because I know he's been laughing at me all this time," Bertulies said.

Officers are looking for help in tracking down the dog, but they remind neighbors not to feed or approach it. They said that they would rather people just give them a call.