Canton: Water Tower Overflows Onto Market Avenue

Canton, OH - A valve malfunction caused a water tower to overflow Wednesday morning, soaking a stretch of Market Avenue N.

A telephone line, which controls pump valves on the Canton City water tower between 55th Street and Schneider Street NW, failed to work. When the line went down, the valve wouldn't close, causing water to flow out of the tower and onto the roadway around 10 a.m.

"The (phone line) controls the height and elevation of the water," Canton City Water Superintendent Dave Williams said. "The phone lines went down, two pumps started and there was an overflow."

The tower has a 1.5 million-gallon maximum capacity. Williams said he was unsure how much water was released onto the street before his crew was able to stop the tide.

While the water department was able to halt the overflow within 30 minutes, the water that spilled onto the road presented the city with another problem. Temperatures in the low teens were enough to turn the water to ice, but a good dose of road salt prevented that from happening.

The Ohio Department of Transportation was called to salt Market, keeping it free of the potential ice hazard.

"We were preventing anything from happening on the roadway until they were able to address how the water was getting on the road," said ODOT spokeswoman Maureen Bachman.

Because of the high influx of water, a storm drain became clogged, Bachman said. He said ODOT had planned to clean the drain today.

Water service to residents was not disrupted during the incident, Williams said.