Campbell Creates Top Economic Development Post

By PAUL SINGER, Associated Press Writer

CLEVELAND (AP) - Mayor-Elect Jane Campbell (pictured, right) reshuffled positions at City Hall to create a senior-level economic development office and said she has begun a national search for a director for the office.

She said the city needs to emphasize economic development now that LTV Steel has closed its plant in the city and the plant's future is uncertain.

Campbell announced her first top-level appointments Thursday and said she has restructured the mayor's office, giving it a core group of top advisers with autonomy to oversee key government functions.

The chief financial officer, the law director and the chief economic development officer will report directly to the mayor. In Mayor Michael R. White's administration, the finance director and law director reported to a special assistant to the mayor. The economic development office and the city planning and community development director reported to another assistant.

Campbell said she hopes the city's new development director will be someone from the private sector who can "engage the entire community in finding new ideas for the economic future."

Campbell and several political and business leaders created several committees last week to look for ways to stimulate the city's economy as a result of the LTV plant's closing. The company, which employs 3,200 people in northern Ohio, plans to close the plant by the end of February, but hopes a buyer can be found.

Campbell said the law director in her administration probably will come from the area, but she has started a national search for a chief financial officer, an economic development director and an airport director.

Until the city finds a finance director, a team of four executives on loan from the private sector will be in charge of analyzing the city's finances and helping develop the mayor's first budget. Campbell said she hopes to have a finance director hired within three months of her inauguration on Jan. 7, Her first budget is due Feb. 1.

Officials named Thursday for Campbell's new administration include:

  • David McGuirk, former director of public works in suburban Lakewood, as chief operating officer;
  • Rodney Jenkins, former City Council communications director, as chief public affairs officer;
  • Eduardo Romero, former district director for the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, as personnel director;
  • Terrell Cole, a campaign staffer and former student assistant in the office of Campbell's, who currently is a Cuyahoga county commissioner, as 0education liaison; and
  • Lynnette Jackson, an environmental chemist who has been an aide in the mayoral transition from White to Campbell, as executive assistant.

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