Man Convicted Of Ramming Police Cruiser

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - An Akron father was sentenced to six years in prison for repeatedly ramming his car -- with his 4-year-old son inside -- into a police cruiser.

Keith A. Jaynes, 24, survived being shot five times by Akron police. He claimed at his trial that the cruiser bumped his car and an officer jumped out and opened fire.

He said he only struck the cruiser while trying to escape and save himself and his son from gunfire.

Neighbors and the Akron police officers testified that Jaynes backed his car and struck the cruiser at least three times before patrolman Kevin Kabellar fired 10 shots.

Jaynes was convicted Thursday of two counts of felonious assault, child endangering and vandalism.

Judge Brenda Burnham Unruh told Jaynes that his account of the shooting made no sense.

"I sat through three days of trial and your version is not believable. The jury didn't believe your version," Unruh said. "I guess none of us will ever understand why you chose to ram the police car."

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