Bears and Colts Super Bowl Bound


Miami, FL - Game over. The Bears and the Colts will square off in Super Bowl forty-one.

The Saints came marching in, but are leaving with their heads hanging low after what looks to be a miserable loss to the Chicago Bears.

The Saints had four turnovers throughout the entire game, and the Bears ate each and every one of them up alive. Maybe Reggie Bush worked on his celebration moves and gymnastic flips rather than the game plan prior to the game.

Final score Chicago 39-14, the Bears are heading to the superbowl, practice your Super Bowl Shuffle because here comes "Da Bears"

A horrifying game for the New England Patriots as they led most of the game and then the Colts managed to make a come back. Tom Brady threw it all away, literally in the last seventeen seconds of the competition with an interception. See you later, not in the Super Bowl. Indianapolis Colts win 38-34.

Tony Dungy and the Colts will take on the Chicago Bears, led by Dungy's good friend Lovie Smith in two weeks. They are the first black coaches to make the Super Bowl in its 41 years.