Bruce Drennan's Prison Diary

Bruce Drennan's Prison Diary: Entry 3

I'm elated to have reached 2007. My release date from Morgantown is March 2nd and the end is now in sight.

The holidays went a lot fast than I though they would, thanks to the Bowl Games and the start of the NFL playoffs.

There's no cheering in the press box, but here, I couldn't help but yell and scream when Ted Ginn Jr. returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Of course, after that everything went downhill. The fact that the Buckeyes were 50-some days removed from their last game is not an excuse.

I got the impression that after Ginn returned the opening kickoff to give OSU the 7-zip lead, the Bucks starting playing as if they only had to go through the motions. I couldn't believe that defensively Tressel failed to apply more pressure on Florida QB Chris Leak. The key to beating Florida was to rush him. That's what the Florida defense did to Troy Smith. Just about the entire game, Ohio State rushed 3 or 4 players. As a result, Leak was able to throw underneath the Buckeye zone and the Gator receivers still had 58 yards separation so they could pick up additional yardage after the receptions.

Offensively, the loss of Ginn hurt tremendously. His game breaking speed was sorely missed. He commands such attention. As a result, the Florida secondary could concentrate on stopping Gonzalez, Hartline and Robiske much easier. Why Ohio State more didn't run more was baffling.

Another major factor was that the Buckeyes got mauled in the trenches! That really surprised me! On both sides of the ball, they were outquickened.

The Eastern Conference of the NBA is so wide open in my opinion, that the Cavs have just as good a shot as anybody else.

I still believe they need a dynamite point guard. Another big scorer to take the pressure off LeBron. Especially when he has to sit during a game.

I'm very excited about the Indians! I really applaud Mark Shapiro on the off-season moves. Particularly the bolstering of the pen!