Editorial: Dollars & Doughnuts

Cleveland, OH - Earlier this month came the comforting news that commissioners in Franklin County Ohio had canceled a $55,000 dollar annual contract for doughnuts for inmates in the county jail. Well hooray, we thought, why should taxpayer's money be spent for costly pastries for prisoners? But wouldn't you know, it wasn't concern for the taxpayers that led to the decision - it was worry over the health of the inmates.

That's right - the county ditched the doughnuts because they were troubled about the fact that they contained Trans fats. Trans fats, you may know, has become the new nicotine for health activists in their relentless campaign to ban anything the population might enjoy but which the activists believe isn't good for them.   Politicians everywhere, including Cleveland, have jumped on the bandwagon condemning the use of Trans fats. One thing they never condemn is the mis-use of taxpayers money.