Two Elections Workers Convicted of Rigging '04 Presidential Recount

CLEVELAND (AP) - Two of three Cuyahoga County election workers accused of illegally rigging a recount in the 2004 presidential election have been convicted on some of the charges.

The workers in Ohio's most populous county were accused of secretly reviewing ballots to select them for a sample recount so they could avoid a time-consuming hand count of all votes. By law, the sample should be chosen randomly.

A jury in Cleveland acquitted assistant ballot manager Rosie Grier of all seven counts.

Two workers were convicted of a felony count of negligent misconduct and a misdemeanor of failing to perform duties.

Jacqueline Maiden is the elections coordinator who was the board's third-highest ranking employee. The other is ballot manager Kathleen Dreamer. Both were acquitted of five counts.

The results did not affect President Bush's win in Ohio.