Naked Teen Pulls Shotgun On AT&T Workers, Steals Truck

Strongsville, OH - Wednesday morning a woman was approached by her nineteen-year-old neighbor, who was naked and ranting at her home on North Redrock Drive. The teen left her porch, went back into his house and came back out naked, still, and now carrying a shotgun.

The neighbor immediately called police and said he wondered the neighborhood some more and then pointed a gun at AT&T workers then stole their truck and took off.

The teen took off onto Misty Lake Drive where he crashed the pick-up truck into a construction site.

Police placed the teen into custody without incident at the scene of the crash and then took him to the hospital for observation.

The naked teen has not been booked into jail yet, and faces charges of aggravated robbery and possibly others. Police said the teen may have had a reaction to drugs.