Convicted Baby Killer Spends Holiday At Home

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - A woman who spent nearly two years in a Medina County jail cell for killing her newborn spent Christmas at her parents' home, where there was little talk of her past.

For Audrey Iacona and her parents, Mark and Angela, there was reason to celebrate and give thanks.

"It's such a blessing to have her home," Iacona's mother said with a smile as she reached out to squeeze her daughter's hand.

Iacona, 21, was released from jail Friday after 741 days in jail. She was convicted on two felony counts of involuntary manslaughter, child endangering and abuse of a corpse in the suffocation death of her newborn son after secretly giving birth at home.

After Iacona's conviction about four years ago, Judge James L. Kimbler imposed an eight-year prison term, but the Ohio Supreme Court ordered that she be resentenced because Kimbler didn't
explain why Iacona received that sentence.

During sentencing Friday, Judge Christopher Collier ordered Iacona released and imposed a sentence of 90 days under house arrest, five years' probation, court-supervised counseling and
career advice. Iacona also must perform community service work.

Iacona told the Akron Beacon Journal in a story published Wednesday that her attorney has advised her against speaking publicly about specifics of the case and her release.

But she said: "I feel great. I feel happy."

On Christmas, every table and countertop in the Iacona home was covered with floral arrangements, some having been sent by inmates who she had met while in jail.

"The outpouring of support from people," Mark Iacona said, "many who don't even know Audrey, has been tremendous."

Angela Iacona said that her daughter's strength that allowed the family to cope.

"She was so strong inside and that allowed us to be strong," she said.

Mark Iacona said his daughter plans to work with troubled young people to help them avoid some of the mistakes she made.

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