Homeless men busted for cashing phony checks at Wal-Mart


CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (AP) - Two homeless men who said they were recruited with promises of $50 each have been arrested on charges of trying to cash phony $400 checks at a Wal-Mart.

Jermaine Diggs, 24, and Artis Sanders, 39, both of whom listed their address as a Cleveland homeless shelter, each face charges of forgery and passing bad checks, police Chief Martin Lentz said.

The men, who were arrested Jan. 12, told investigators they were recruited outside their shelter by men who promised them $50 each if they managed to cash the checks. The men said the recruiters took identification from them and produced the phony payroll checks, Lentz said.

The recruiters waited outside the store as the men attempted to cash the checks, and one even entered the store to see how they were doing, Lentz said. The Wal-Mart clerk had been alerted by another area store about the scam, he said.

Detectives will contact shelters and other police departments to look for any further evidence of such a scam, Lentz said.