Cleveland Heights shooting search ends, suspect in custody

Cleveland, Heights, OH - At about 10:45 a.m. on Saturday, January 27th near the intersection of Noble and Roanoke Roads, police responded to a call of a male who had been a victim of a shooting. They found a male shot, and later found the shooter.

Investigation revealed that Larry Strother, 31, of Cleveland Heights, had driven with his girlfriend to a drugstore on Noble Road. Strother's girlfriend entered the drugstore while Strother waited outside in the vehicle.

After leaving the drugstore, Strother's girlfriend informed him that she had been approached by several males.  Strother confronted the 3 males who were standing near the intersection of Noble and Roanoke when one of the males produced a handgun and shot Strother in the face.

The shooter was identified as Christian Hodge, 18, of Cleveland Heights.  Both Strother and his girlfriend identified Hodge from a photo lineup.

After the shooting, Hodge returned to his home at 1047 Oxford, in Cleveland Heights. Uniformed patrol officers arrived at the house several minutes later and maintained surveillance on the home while an arrest warrant was obtained for Hodge and a search warrant was obtained for the home.

Hodge's mother was in contact with the Cleveland Heights police Lieutenant during the course of the afternoon.  Hodge's mother informed police that she would not turn her son over to the police and that they would have to obtain warrants for his arrest.

At approx 5pm, the Cleveland Heights police department's Crisis Intervention Team arrived on the scene after having obtained warrants.  Hodge surrendered voluntarily approximately seven minutes later.

The house was searched, pursuant to the search warrant, and a .22 caliber handgun has been recovered matching the description of the gun used in the shooting.

Hodge is currently in custody of the Cleveland Heights Police Department jail on a charge of attempted murder.

Strother was treated and released from Huron Road Hospital for his gunshot wound.