Court Rejects Convicted Murderer's Appeal

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - An appeals court has rejected the appeal of a man convicted of murder in the shooting death of his wife in their home.

The 9th Ohio District Court of Appeals on Wednesday denied Steven A. Bozsik's appeal of his conviction in the Nov. 30, 1999, death of his wife, Carol Bozsik.

Judge Donna J. Carr said in the three-judge decision that the case "tells an old story: jealousy and greed culminating in murder."

A Medina County jury convicted Bozsik, now 43, of aggravated murder on June 12, 2000, and he was sentenced to life in prison. His 33-year-old wife was found shot to death in the garage of their Wadsworth home.

Steven Bozsik told police he discovered his wife's body on the garage floor when he returned from work because he had forgotten to take out the garbage.

Prosecutors said Bozsik was upset over his wife's relationship with another man and said he had tried to take out a $225,000 life insurance policy on his wife a week before her murder.

Bozsik needed the money, prosecutors alleged, to meet the family's mounting debts.

Bozsik's attorney, Theodore J. Lesiak of Medina, had argued that the conviction should be overturned because of the admission of allegedly improper evidence and the trial court's refusal to consider evidence against another suspect.

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