Super Bowl Commercials - Vote For Your Favorite

Cleveland, OH - 19 Action News wants to know what your favorite Super Bowl Commercial was. Here is a list of advertisers to look out for during Sunday's competition. Watch and submit your vote for best commercial.


  • Budweiser "Apocalypse with Dale Earnhart Jr."
  • Budweiser "Clydesdales"
  • Budweiser "King Crab"
  • Budweiser "International Space Station"
  • Bud Light "Rock, Paper, Scissors"
  • Bud Light "But He Has Bud Light"
  • Bud Light "Classroom with Carlos Mencia"
  • Budweiser Select "Just A Game With Jay-Z"

  • It's A Jungle Out There"

Coca Cola Co.

  • Video Game
  • TBA Debut Spot

Diamond Emerald Nuts

  • Robert Goulet


  • TBA

Frito Lay

  • Consumer Generated Ad


  • GPS Technology

General Motors

  • Consumer Generated AD


  • Nascar's Danica Patrick with GoDaddy girl
  • American Chopper's Paul Teutrul Sr. and sons
  • Valerie Thompson

Honda Motor Co.

  • Element SUV with Gill the Crab
  • Slalom


  • "The Computer Is Personal Again"

King Pharmaceuticals

  • Human Heart Character



Nationwide Insurance

  • Kevin Federline's Dream


  • United Way
  • NFL Network
  • Vote For Game MVP
  • "It's Hard To Say Goodbye To Football Season"

Pepsi Co.

  • Pepsi Brand

  • "Will He Say Yes?"


  • Power Up

Taco Bell

  • Two Lions Try Tackling Spanish Language


  • Tundra Pick-Up Truck

Walt Disney Co.

  • "Meet The Robinsons"
  • "Wild Hogs"