Editorial: New Plan for Cleveland Schools

Cleveland, OH - The city of Cleveland got the best news about its crumbling school district in a long time last week - and it came in the form of a new plan by school CEO Eugene Sanders.

Instead of making excuses for bad performance while begging for more money, a hallmark of past leadership, Sanders has outlined a bold program to change the very environment of the schools.

He plans four single gender elementary academies to open in August and even a boarding school for troubled boys.  He wants to require uniforms at the elementary school level and a stricter dress code for high school.

Sanders said students can no longer come to school looking like they're ready for a rap video. He has other worthwhile ideas as well - almost all of them focusing on achieving disciplined learning environments. The plan will face many hurdles of course, including where to find the cash to pay for parts of the plan and more critically how to motivate uninvolved parents.

But it's a good start and it's about time.