Survivor: Fiji - Meet The New Castaways

FIJI - "Survivor: Fiji" begins tonight on C-B-S. Naturally, there's a twist. All the castaways are given lots of supplies and they get lumber to build a real shelter.

Soon, some of the players are forced to fend for themselves on the beach with only one machete, a pot and a water source but no shelter.

Mark Burnett had selected 20 castaways for this "Survivor." But, at the last minute, one woman backs out. Even though she says she'll do almost anything to win the game, she leaves because she suffers from panic attacks.

Here are the castaways. Ten of the twenty contestants are from California.

  1. Alex, 28, Attorney, CA
  2. Anthony, 32, Expert Witness Locator, CA
  3. Boo, 34, Construction Worker, LA
  4. Cassandra, 42, Civil Engineer Worker, CA
  5. Dre, 25, Cheerleading Coach, NC
  6. Earl, 35, Advertising Executive, CA
  7. Edgardo, 28, Advertising Executive, FL
  8. Erica, 27, Non Profit Organization, LA
  9. Gary, 55, School Bus Driver, MN
  10. James, 28, Bartender, CA
  11. Jessica, 27, Fashion Stylist, CA
  12. Liliana, 25, Loan Officer, CA
  13. Lisi, 36, Customer Service Representative, CA
  14. Michelle, 23, Student, OH
  15. Mookie, 25, Loan Manager, IL
  16. Rita, 38, Single Mom, TX
  17. Stacy, 27, Interactive Internet Producer, CO
  18. Sylvia, 52, Achitect, CA
  19. Yau- Man, 54, Computer Engineer, CA
  20. ****Dropped Out Of Competition****

All new "Survivor Fiji" airs Thursday night, February 8th, 2007 at 8 p.m. on CBS