Police Investigating Stabbing Death Of 73-Year-Old

CLEVELAND - Cleveland's second homicide of the new year has police trying to figure out why a 73-year-old retired steelworker ended up dead, 19/43 News reported.

Their investigation is centering around a building on Archwood Avenue that is the home of 27-year-old suspect Michelle Bogar. Bogar's house is where witnesses said that Peter Shimko was repeatedly stabbed.

Shimko stumbled to a fire station at the intersection of Archwood and Pearl Road, but emergency medical technicians could only stabilize him.

Shimko died before reaching the hospital.

"He definitely will be missed," the victim's friend Myron Pavlik said. "He was a very good person. He had a hard life, and now this has to happen to him. It's sad, very sad."

Bogar remains in police custody. Police could not confirm if she had any prior arrests.