Bruce Drennan's Prison Diary

Bruce Drennan's Prison Diary: Entry 4

Cleveland, OH - "Love Ya Cleveland!" It won't be long now! March 2nd is my release date and its right around the corner. From the bottom of my heart, I want to think everybody who has taken the time to write me here in Morgantown F.C.I.

As I've said before, I have no one to blame by myself. I'm not in denial in any way or form about my crime (tax violation) and I'm not looking for sympathy from anyone! I am guilty of a wrongdoing and I'm paying the consequences. On the contrary, I thank God everyday for my blessings.

In this correspondence, I want to give you my thoughts on Super Bowl XLI, the Browns and the Cavs.

First of all, from a totally neutral point of view, I was glad to see Indy finally get the monkey off it's back and win the AFC title. Tony Dungy and his staff deserve a lot of credit for recognizing the deficiencies of their rush defense. Then, rectifying the problem and almost miraculously transforming the Colts front 7 into a very stingy, efficient unit. Beating the seasoned 3-time champion Patriots convinced me they were destined to finally win it all.

By the way, did you see Bill Belichick's SNUB and brush aside Peyton Manning when Manning approached the Pats coach following the game? A TYPICAL, CLASSLESS, UNSPORTSMAKELIKE gesture from a poor loser who should be above such conduct.

Despite winning 3 out of 4 Super Bowl crowns, proving critics such as myself wrong, Belichick confirmed that "some things never change." HE IS STILL A POOR LOSER!

This Super Bowl was actually more one-sided than the score indicted. The statistics do not lie!! Indy ran the ball very effectively against the Bears. By the way, all the hype about the Bears defense was way OVERBLOWN!

The rain caused turnovers on both sides. However, Grossman's two interceptions exposed his lack of arm strength down field, as both balls were under thrown.

I do believe Dungy played it too close to the vest with his play calling on a couple of drives when the Colts were threatening. As a result, it caused him to kick field goals that resulted in 6-points, instead of 14. As a matter of fact, you could see the frustration of Peyton Manning on both occasions for being overruled on the play selection of his head coach.

Thus, the score was closer than it should have been,

Prince was Prince during the halftime show! If you are a fan, you loved it.

The Super Bowl also brought to mind more than anything else, how far the Browns are from reaching the promised land!

It's a shame that you the fans have been DEPRIVED, DISAPPOINTED, FRUSTRATED AND LET DOWN so dramatically every season.

The blame lies squarely upon Al and heir apparent Randy Lerner. As far as Randy Lerner is concerned, his mistakes are ongoing. For instance, many loyal Browns fans are getting the impression he cares more about his new soccer team than the NFL franchise.

Another mistake is his insistence to reside in New Jersey rather than in Cleveland where at least his appearance he could be more hands on. And perhaps his biggest mistake is that he is perceived by many as not caring that the team has been going nowhere fast since his father's passing.

As for the Cavs, my feelings haven't changed since my last observation. Until the Cavs surround LeBron James with the right accompanying cast, they can't expect to seriously compete for the Eastern Conference crown, let alone the NBA Championship.



OK, let me guess, their paying Larry Hughes and all the others too much already and they either can't afford it or there's no room under the cap.

Fine! All I know is this: Jordan didn't win the Championship until the Bulls teamed him with Pippen. LeBron can't do it himself! He needs another bona fide star to take the pressure off. Especially when he has to sit and rest. The Cavs have no one to lead while LeBron is resting. And Larry Hughes is not the answer.

Danny Ferry  saying that we can and will play better is not going to cut it. He and Gilbert have got to find a way to get LeBron another true All-Star. The trading deadline is fast approaching! And the good news is the Eastern Conference is wide open.

I'll write once more before my release. I'll give another update on the Cavs. I'll preview the Indians season and I'll give you my picks for the upcoming Academy Awards.

I Love Ya Cleveland,