Airline Apologizes after Passengers Stranded on Planes for Hours


NEW YORK (AP) - JetBlue Airways says its flight schedule is "fairly normal" today, but it's trying make amends to passengers who ended up stuck on runways for up to nine hours yesterday.

The airline says ten flights at New York's Kennedy airport were "significantly delayed" during yesterday's snow and ice storm. The reasons included airport congestion and frozen equipment. A JetBlue spokesman says the airline was trying to keep the planes ready to go, in case the weather broke.

JetBlue calls the prolonged delays "unacceptable" and says affected passengers will be offered refunds and free flights.

One would-be honeymooner calls the experience "horrific." Cheryl Chesner says she and her husband spent eleven hours trying to take an 8 a-m flight to Aruba, before eventually returning home. JetBlue says the plane ultimately did leave late last night.

The airline was forced to cancel more than 250 of its roughly 500 scheduled flights yesterday.