Editorial: No Sense of Humor

Cleveland, OH - Despite what some self-interested politicians claim, I know for a fact that the economy is doing well and I know that because there are just way too many people with too much time on their hands, determined to make mountains out of mole hills.

A lot of these people seem to work for special interest groups, you know those folks, they are the ones who want you to conform to their life style and their behavior whether you want to or not. And, what is especially noteworthy about these groups is that they universally have no sense of humor.

The latest and most outrageous uprisings by these groups came in reaction to commercials in the Super Bowl. The first was by various gay organizations opposed to that Snickers candy bar ad that had two male mechanics react repulsively and humorously to an accidental kiss.   Two days later a suicide prevention group expressed its disapproval of a General Motors ad that focused on an assembly line robot considering suicide after dropping a bolt. The group said the spot might encourage humans to consider suicide. Mars candy company has bowed to pressure and dropped its Snicker ad - GM is still deciding.

Now I know that these special interest groups have to scream and stomp their feet about things like this otherwise they would not be getting the donations and government grants that pay their salaries. And, thankfully, for their sake, the economy is doing well.