Editorial: Truck Fraud

Cleveland, OH - Every once in a while you come across a story that appears so outrageous as to be almost mind boggling. Such was the case for me on Saturday when I read in The Plain Dealer that the city of Cleveland was routinely sending it's most expensive fire trucks, including hook and ladder units, to minor fender bender car accidents. Accidents where a squad car would have been sufficient. And, that the city was doing it in a naked attempt to gouge the insurance companies of the motorists involved in the accidents.

The scam even has a legitimate sounding name. It's called run saver and the PD reported that the program has been in place for 3-years as a way for the city to re-coup the cost of responding to auto accidents.

Well, it sounds suspiciously like insurance fraud to me and the insurance companies involved must believe likewise because last year the city billed the insurance companies almost 2 million dollars but collected only $117,000. Many insurance companies tell their clients to ignore the bills from the city. This practice is shameful even for the poorest city in America and it needs to be terminated immediately.