Judge Orders Teen-Ager To Write Essay

CANTON, Ohio (AP) - A judge ordered a teen-ager accused of assaulting a police officer to write a five-page essay on "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

Tony Graves, 17, of Massillon, must complete the essay before his trial Jan. 15.

Graves was arrested Nov. 1 in Canton. Police say he scuffled with an officer after he and another youth were spotted with alcohol. The officer was treated for minor injuries to his hand, knee and elbow.

Graves then filed a complaint against the officers who arrested him, accusing them of striking his head and neck with a nightstick and using racial slurs. He later admitted he made up the allegations.

Judge David Stucki of Stark County Family Court had Graves taken into custody Monday after the boy pleaded true, the juvenile equivalent of guilty, to misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, underage alcohol consumption and missing school.

Stucki told the boy to include a formal apology in his essay and describe why the fable applies to him.

"I think the judge is trying to make a point. I don't have any problem with it," said Graves' lawyer, Jeffrey Jakmides.

He said the Washington High School junior, a starting linebacker on the Tigers football team, gets good grades and wants to go to college.

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