Judge Says Woman Was Guilty Of Gross Stupidity

MASSILLON, Ohio (AP) - A judge said that a Massillon woman who mailed phony anthrax to a neighbor was guilty of gross stupidity, but it was not a criminal act.

He found 65-year-old Jacqueline Zupp guilty of misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and inducing panic and sentenced her to 90 days of house arrest and 80 hours of community service and fined her $300.

The U.S. Postal Service filed charges against Zupp after she mailed a greeting card containing a household cleaner to a neighbor in October during the height of the national anthrax scare.

When workers at Massillon's main post office hand-stamped the card, a puff of white powder come from the envelope. They feared anthrax and called authorities.

Police had no problem tracking down who mailed the card. Zupp had dutifully written her return address on the envelope.

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