City Aims To Make Landlords Responsible For Tenant's Behavior

Shaker Heights, OH (AP) - One Cleveland suburb is telling
landlords to keep a closer eye on their tenants.

Proposed laws in Shaker Heights would allow the city to hold
landlords accountable if one of their tenants commits a crime
within one-thousand feet of the rental property where they live.

City officials say the proposal is merely an extension of a 2004
law that allows them to bill property owners if police respond to
multiple nuisance calls there.

Under the new guidelines, landlords who don't comply could also
lose their rental permits. City lawyer Bill Gruber says the
intention is to make landlords screen and pay more attention to
their selection of tenants, but lawyers from the A-C-L-U say it's
unrealistic to hold landlords responsible for actions that happen
off of their property.