Editorial: Judging our Judges

Cleveland, OH - The quality of our judges in Cuyahoga County is arguably the poorest in the state the fact is if you have either the right last name or the right political connections you can be elected a judge here for life without knowing which way to put on the black robe.

But that quality of justice hit a new low last week when Common Pleas Judge David Matia took it upon himself to do nothing less than rip up the United States Constitution.

Matia issued a temporary restraining order against a TV station, a competitor, Channel 5, that blocked the airing of a story critical of the operations of a Westlake beauty spa. Judge Matia, who is apparently unaware of the First Amendment rulings that protect a free press from such prior restraint, defended his actions by saying he issued the order at a hectic time. The spa dropped its suit against Channel 5 a day later but that shouldn't get Matia off the hook for a ruling that insults the Constitution and should profoundly embarrass the entire court.