Editorial: Residency Battle

Cleveland, OH - The battle over whether the city of Cleveland can compel its Municipal employees to live in the city is heating up.

A Cuyahoga County court ruled last week that the city cannot force its employees to reside inside the city limits -  but that's just round one in this simmering controversy.

The Jackson Administration will appeal and clearly the issue will eventually be decided by the Ohio Supreme Court. But, frankly, it's all rather silly because legal, or otherwise, the residency rule is not only provincial it is onerous.

What employer in the private sector would presume to tell its employees where to live? And, what quality of employee so desperate for a position would agree to that condition? People who work in the city of Cleveland must pay an income tax to the city regardless of where they live and if they don't want to live in Cleveland, that should be their decision and their's alone.