Police Get Hi-Tech Help To Nab Thief

SPECER TOWNSHIP, Ohio - A man who police said stole a car and robbed homes is behind bars thanks to some hi-tech help, 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

William Culp was behind the wheel of a pick-up truck as police chased it on Saturday night. The truck took off into a newly plowed field that was too rough for police to follow.

Deputies instead arrived with a heat-seeking camera, allowing them to focus on body heat and leading them to where Culp was hiding.

"That's when they located him, crouching in the weeds," Spencer Township Police Chief Dan DeRossett said. "You can run, but you can't hide."

Medina County deputies demonstrated the heat-imaging unit for 19/43 News. Heat from Orlousky's hand left a "print" of his hand and heat footprints remained when he moved his feet. Even rubbing a jacket lapel to create heat clearly showed up on the thermal unit.