Diebold Deciding On A Strategy For Its Elections Unit

CLEVELAND (AP) - Voting machine company Diebold saw great
potential in the modernization of elections equipment. Now,
analysts say, executives may be angling for ways to dump the
e-voting subsidiary that's widely seen as tarnishing the company's

Despite growth and profits, North Canton-based Diebold's
elections systems segment has been criticized over reliability and

The criticism is jarring for the 150-year-old company that
primarily focused on safes and A-T-Ms in the past.
Diebold C-E-O Tom Swidarski says they'll announce a long-term
strategy for the elections unit early this year.

Diebold spokesman Mike Jacobsen says the company may announce
it's found a private buyer or is looking for interested parties. He
would not speculate on whether Diebold was talking to any specific