Medical Information Blows Into Man's Back Yard

NEGLEY, Ohio (AP) - An eastern Ohio man said he keeps finding personal information, including Social Security numbers and medical records, on papers that blow into his back yard.

Harry Evans, of Negley in Columbiana County, said he throws the documents away but worries what would happen if someone else found them.

Most documents are at least five years old and come from other states. Some show birth dates and surgery dates. Evans said he once tried calling a phone number on one of the papers to warn the person, but it was disconnected.

Evans's property is next to a Total Waste Logistics landfill for construction and demolition debris, and to the railway serving it.

"The governments sit there, scream and holler about people stealing identities," Evans said. "All you have to do is go down to the tracks."

The facility doesn't allow paper or other municipal waste, said site manager Tim Clark, and trash could have blown from another landfill three miles away on a windy day.

Paper also could fly away from a loading zone where landfill operators sort out municipal waste from the construction debris, said Clark and Jerry Weber, an environmental specialist for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

No other neighbors have complained, Clark said.