Police: Accused Rapist Guns Down Victim

Cleveland, OH - An 18-year-old girl remains hospitalized after she's shot in the face by the teen who allegedly raped her.

The accused triggerman - 17-year-old Juan Ruiz - is charged with felonious assault and has pleaded not guilty.

Ruiz - charged in juvenile court February 16th with felony rape and kidnapping - wasn't being held in custody pending trial.

Rather, he was given home detention and electronic monitoring because he had only one minor prior charge on his record, court spokeswoman Pattie Oakar said.

Magistrates and justices often are forced to release suspects on electronic monitoring because the juvenile detention center is "double capacity," Oakar said.

Now, Ruiz remains locked up in juvenile detention until his next court date slated for March 21st.

His victim is listed in serious condition at Metro.