Retired Goodyear Worker Found Dead with Weapons, Dynamite, and Marijuana.

Green, OH - A Green Fire Department EMS crew found a stash of weapons, dynamite, marijuana, and a dead body while responding to a call Sunday night.

According to the Summit County Sheriff's Deputies, who were called to the scene in the 1200th block of Kingston Road, between 50 to 100 guns were discovered in the home of 63-year-old Robert Eye, a retired Goodyear worker.

Ems was called to Eye's home by a relative, who found the man unconscious on the living room floor. It was later determined that he was dead.

While at the house, several weapons were seen. Deputies were called to remove the weapons but due to the amount of guns it was determined to secure the house and continue the operation Monday morning.

When Deputies resumed removing weapons on Monday, they also found approximately one pound of dynamite. With that discovery the bomb squad was called in. The explosive was removed and detonated in a safe location.

A further search of Eye's property revealed the existence of a "grow room'' in the basement where marijuana was being cultivated. In addition, a large package of marijuana was found in a freezer in the garage of the home.

According to a Sheriff's Department spokesman, it didn't appear that eye was a victim of foul-play.