Ex-Boyfriend Guns Down Woman At Work

EUCLID, Ohio – Detectives in Euclid said that a jealous ex-boyfriend walked into Kelly's Gym on Lake Shore Boulevard, aimed a gun, shot his ex-girlfriend and then killed himself, 19/43 News' Wendy Gillette reported.

Police said that the man confronted his ex-girlfriend at the gym where she works, chased her around the gym and shot her several times in the chest.

Witnesses said that the man then took his own life.

A couple of hours after the late Friday morning shooting, Sidney Green's body -- wrapped in white sheets -- was wheeled out of the gym. It was a tragic end to a relationship that a friend said had lasted for 12 years.

The couple broke up over the holidays, and police said that 32-year-old Pamela Ward started dating someone else, which enraged her ex-boyfriend.

"He was upset, confronted her on several other occasions and did so again this morning," Euclid Police Capt. Dave Brooks said. "He left and returned with a weapon."

"We heard a gunshot, the guy came back and went toward the locker rooms," witness Don Boone said. "We got down behind the treadmills. He came out, went over by the girl he shot and he killed himself."

Detectives said that the 33-year-old Cleveland resident shot himself in the head with a semi-automatic handgun. They hope that the shocking violence that unfolded sends a message to others who receive threats.

"Take it really seriously," Brooks said. "Obviously, he was a real possessive boyfriend, and he apparently didn't want anyone else to be with her."

Doctors fought hard to save Ward's life, but several hours after being transported by Life Flight to MetroHealth Medical Center, she was pronounced dead.

Police said that Ward and Green had a child together -- a child that will now grow up without its mother or father.