Editorial: Bad Medicine

Cleveland, OH - For some time now, several states in the US have been embroiled in a controversy over whether the government can impose a program of vaccinating young girls to protect them against a sexually transmitted disease and now that brouhaha has come to Ohio.

In another example of political activism that we just don't need, Rep. Edna brown, a Democrat from Toledo has introduced legislation that calls for vaccinating girls entering the 6th grade.

The vaccine is supposed to protect against Human Papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancer.

Rep. Brown said young women should be protected just as children are vaccinated against mumps and chicken pox. But Ms. Brown ought to know that unlike those ailments, a sexually transmitted disease is communicable by a conscious and deliberate act. Under the proposal, parents could opt out of the program.  But, that's not the point, the point is what kind of message as a society are we sending to our daughters when we line them up at the age of 11, for what amounts to a sex shot?