Editorial Reply

Cleveland, OH - Last week this station took a harsh editorial position questioning the decision by a Cuyahoga County judge to temporarily delay the broadcast of an investigative news story on another station.

While the public media must vigorously defend the First Amendment of the Constitution, an editorial blasting the integrity and intelligence of this judge and labeling the entire Cuyahoga County bench as arguably the poorest in the state was sensationalistic and unfair. Regardless of whether the judge made the right call initially, the editorial omitted to say that he reversed his decision the next day and that the story was broadcast without incident.

Instead of even-handedly presenting the issue, Channel 19 chose to remind its viewers that Cuyahoga County judges simply have the right last name or political connections. The failure to present the overall record, integrity and work ethic of this or any judge under scrutiny by the public media itself weakens the free and public exchange of ideas and real information which the First Amendment was designed to promote.