Substitute Teacher Accused of Calling Student a Slave

SHEFFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio (AP) - A substitute teacher has been removed from the classroom after being accused of calling a black student a slave, the superintendent says.

The Sheffield Village teacher, who could not be reached for comment, is accused of making the remark during a senior government class last Thursday, superintendent Will Folger said.

The student's mother, Venita Gilchrist, said her son had been taking a makeup test in the library and returned to the class, where the instructor was jokingly talking to a tennis ball.

The teacher allegedly asked the ball if the student was a slave.

"Me being the only black person in the classroom, it was directed at me. I felt hurt and very angry," the student wrote in a report to the school.

Gilchrist said the teacher immediately apologized and later called her. The boy also spoke with a school counselor.

Folger said the substitute, who had taught in the district near Cleveland for 30 years before retiring, was reassigned to the board office pending review.

"We're aware of the incident. We regret that it occurred," Folger said.

Gilchrist said she's worried about her son.

"He always thought everyone was the same. I hope this hasn't scarred him or made him feel prejudiced thinking that everyone feels this way on the inside, the same as this teacher and they're just holding it inside," she said.